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The Value of Out-of-School Care in Calgary: Supporting Children Beyond the Classroom

Out-of-school care provides an essential extension of a child's educational journey, offering a safe, enriching environment beyond regular school hours. In this blog, we'll explore the significance of out-of-school care, emphasizing its role in supporting children's development and the peace of mind it offers to parents and what Summit Kids can offer!

A Complement to Formal Education

Out-of-school care in Calgary serves as a valuable complement to formal education. It bridges the gap between school hours and parents' work schedules, ensuring that children have a structured, supervised environment where they can continue their learning and growth.

Enriching Activities in Calgary Out-of-School Care - Summit Kids

Out-of-school care programs provide a wide range of enriching activities, from arts to sports and games. These activities not only keep children engaged but also encourage the development of skills, creativity, and teamwork.

Fostering Social Skills

Out-of-school care brings together children of different ages and backgrounds. This diverse social environment offers an ideal setting for kids to build friendships, practice conflict resolution, and develop essential social skills that will serve them throughout life.

Convenient and Flexible for Parents

For parents, out-of-school care is a lifeline. It offers the flexibility needed to balance work and family life, reducing the stress associated with scheduling challenges. Knowing that their children are in a safe and nurturing environment allows parents to focus on their own responsibilities with peace of mind.


Out-of-school care is not merely a convenience; it's a vital component of a child's educational journey and a boon for busy parents. By providing a structured, supportive environment, these programs extend the benefits of formal education, reinforce social skills, and encourage well-rounded development. Recognizing the importance of out-of-school care is essential in helping children thrive both academically and socially, and in supporting families in achieving a healthy work-life balance. That’s why Summit Kids exists: To provide quality out-of-school care in Calgary! 

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children having fun on an out-of-school Summit Kids Program

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