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Summit Launch 

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Extended-Day Enhancement Program

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Redefining Kindergarten

This incomparable program provides your child with a qualified teacher who transfers learning from the school classroom to our classroom in a fun and positive way. Children participate in circle time, story time, lunch and snack times, as well as a wide variety of arts and crafts, recreational and outdoor activities, games, and classroom learning.

Summit Launch is offered in the morning and afternoon, opposite your child’s Kindergarten session.

How do we achieve that?

Summit Kids is an enriching program with a fresh and innovative approach to out-of-school time. We have created an environment that encourages all children to achieve their best while having fun being a kid.

Children are the architects of their learning.  When, and only when, they are ready children will grow through independent exploration, structured activities and hands-on learning.  Children develop a variety of skills and knowledge in area like early literacy, mathematics, science and social skills.  We offer an enriching environment that will stimulate growth and enrichment in these six domains – cognitive development, executive function, creative expression, language & literacy, physical and wellness, social & emotional

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