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Philosophy and Emergent Curriculum

Emergent curriculum is a child-centered approach to education that places the interests, experiences, and needs of each child at the core of the learning process. Unlike traditional, rigid curricula, emergent curriculum allows educators to respond to the natural curiosity and exploration of children. 

The Emergent Curriculum in Action


Imagine a group of children at Summit Start Daycares who are fascinated by insects. Instead of providing them with a predetermined lesson plan about insects, educators take a different approach.

Observation: Teachers notice the children's interest in insects during outdoor playtime and document their questions and observations.


Planning: Based on these observations, educators plan a series of activities that allow children to explore insects further. This might include bug hunts, creating insect habitats, and reading insect-themed books.


Collaboration: Children work together to research and create their own insect-related projects, like building a bug hotel in the outdoor play area.

Reflection: As the children engage in these activities, educators continually observe and document their learning experiences, encouraging discussions and reflections.

At Summit Start, the philosophy of emergent curriculum is not just a buzzword; it's a way of life. 

The Revised Affordability Grant – Making Education Accessible

The “Revised Affordability Grant,”  combined with the subsidy is a groundbreaking initiative that empowers parents in Calgary.


Now, parents might pay lower than never for childcare, ensuring that economic barriers do not hinder a child’s educational journey.

The grant not only makes Summit accessible but also emphasizes the program’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity. Education becomes a right, not a privilege, as Summit opens its doors to families from all walks of life.

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